Nine Years | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

The older I get, the faster time flies.  I can’t imagine how it is with those that have children – it must go by even faster.  The ticks and tocks flash by in such a hurry.  And somehow Mike and I find ourselves celebrating nine years of marriage.  Already.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been married for nine years – well, some days it feels longer. :)  But I can recall so much of the first day we met that it doesn’t feel like nine years.  (Which if we want to get technical, we met almost 13 years ago.)  I remember the scavenger hunt, sitting in Brent’s back seat as four of us teamed up to find everything on our list.  I remember learning he didn’t have a girlfriend, then turning and leaning my knees to his.  I remember asking him to walk me to my car that night when it was time for me go, as I had parked in green lot behind the houses and wanted to get him away from everyone else.  I remember years after that first meeting he told me that he knew I made our knees touch, which sort of embarrassed me.  But that’s how we started.

Even after all the years we’ve shared, all the moves, all the jobs, all the tiffs and all of the big smiles, I still lean my knees toward his.  Only these days he’s taken to pulling them in a bit closer.

I love you, Michael.  Here’s to many more years of touching knees.

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - Happy Anniversary! Love the knee story and self portrait.

Christy - Oh my goodness – this made me cry!! So sweet. I love it. In our story I apparently touched James’ elbow and that’s when it all started. Funny how such a small gesture can lead us here, isn’t it? Happy Anniversary you two!!!!

katie - Cutest story ever. Happy anniversary friend. Here’s to many, many more stories of knees touching.

Susan - Awwww, cuties! Happy Anniversary!

Diane - So glad your knees are still together. Happy Anniversary! Couldn’t wish for a better son & daughter-in-law. Love you both. Love your hugs the best.