NOLA Revisited

Ever since I’ve discovered Lightroom, I’ve been itching to edit photos. Which is not the norm. At all. But I’m finding for the first time in something like four years, I have no unedited, raw images just sitting on my desktop. Like… zero. Because I’ve Lightroomed them all. And since I haven’t taken many photos over the last couple weeks, I have no new photos edit. All of this is weird…

So I went to the archives, baby.

Earlier this week at work, while catching up with coworkers and talking about weekends, I had mentioned that the New Orleans zoo has been one of my favorites to visit. I really did love it and we were really lucky when we visited in January 2013 to not only hear the tigers roar like crazy, but to have a pretty mild day of weather to enjoy it fully. I mean, the Sugar Bowl was AMAZING, but with that trip down memory lane, it only made sense to revisit those photos.

So I’ve done that. I opened up my archive from almost three years ago and looked at each photo again. I selected the images carefully, trying think of what the final outcome would look like. And while most of them are from the New Orleans zoo (I’m not lying when I said I loved it), I’m happy with this collection. The format is a bit more square because these were actually taken with a mirrorless camera, but even so…

It’s not always important to have the right camera, but just the fact you have a camera.


I think there’s something to coming back to old photos. Not only to remember, but to revisit completely. To approach with completely fresh eyes and think of what should be done differently. I might have to do this more often until I’m back on my photography bandwagon full time. ;)