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A little more than four months have passed since my birthday.  I have big plans for this year… and even declared it a year of change on my old blog.  Several things have changed for the better, the biggest being re-branding my photography business to Brooke Murphy Photography.  But other ambitions have fallen flat.  I thought I might slink away and not bring them up, but omitting tarnished commitments seems a bit naughty to me.  Especially the one that involved peer pressure and monetary commitment.  Thus an update.

I had such optimism in February to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.  A friend had convinced me to begin running with her, said that if she could do it, I could do it too.  And I still don’t doubt those words.  But I am me and the way this has shaken out doesn’t surprise me at all.  I’m more predictable than I’d like to be.

After purchasing good running shoes and joining the YMCA, my butt was in gear and it felt great!  I went to the gym three to four times a week, worked the treadmill, attended classes and even started strength training.  But then my schedule started getting muddled with working longer hours at my day job and my photography business picking up with the warmer weather.  Those two things cramped my style.

I’d leave work later, go to the gym and stay for at least an hour, get home and shower, eat at 8pm, work in photoshop or write blogs until 11pm (or later) and then not be able to fall asleep because I ate so late.   And then I’d get back up early again the next day only to try to squeeze everything I needed wanted to do into a 24-hour period.  I like to stay busy but I don’t like to feel worn down – and my body was telling me to slow things down.  I was constantly tired, couldn’t concentrate and then began to worry about it all.  So of course the gym, being the easiest thing to forgo, got put on the back burner.

The other let down to my healthy lifestyle commitment was that I wanted to watch what I ate.  I found that when I worked out though, I’d shove anything within an arm’s reach into my face.  I was hungry all the time.  And I didn’t make good choices.  So even while I was sweating it out at the gym, I didn’t see any results.  My measurements had shrunk some, but not how I had hoped and no weight fell off.  I was completely disappointed and I know it’s all my fault.

I ended up canceling my membership at the YMCA last month (and I felt so guilty doing it), but since then it’s really felt like a weight has been lifted.  And it’s cleared my mind to let me refocus on a myself, including that healthier lifestyle, and get back into the swing of things.  I’ve made mental notes on my food intake and have seen a difference in the way I feel.  I’ve been lifting small weights and taking vitamins every morning.  I’ve made time to relax with Mike and just veg out every now and then.  And I’ve caught up on sleep which is a gift in and of itself.  (I may have slept 27 hours in a 48 hour period last weekend.)

The take away from all of this is that even though I didn’t complete the goal I had set, I’m still making progress; I’m just going about it differently.  (Case in point is why I don’t make New Year resolutions.)  I am bummed how my follow through to commitments I make for myself are almost always failures, but at the same time if I’m still happy and content, does it really matter?  I’m going with “probably not.” :)

katie - My theory is do what you need to do, just remember to rest somewhere in the middle of it all. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy and wear yourself out. But what I really wanted to talk about was that perfect line in the right photo. The depth of field is fantastic and you nailed a shot I’ve been dying to try.

rachel corbett - I have always been into fitness and I try my best to eat right – us women tend to have weak spots for sweets!!
Last year, I had major back issues and I couldn’t work out. Even walking seemed to hurt. It drove me nuts not being able to work out. And I didn’t help things by eating as much comfort food as possible since I also didn’t feel well…and well we all know why it is called comfort food.
Now I have gotten the all clear from my doctor. My back feels 100x better. but I know I got to ease back into it.
Long story short – my advice to everyone – start out slow and come up with short term goals. the biggest reason a lot of people end up “failing” when it comes to fitness and diet is they make these unattainable goals. Do what works for you. and never ever feel like a failure. Just because you couldn’t get to the gym today or ate a cookie, it is ok. Just keep at it.
Oh and by the way, you should check out bodyrock.tv. It will definitely kick your ass, but the workouts are usually around 15 minutes long. That way you can still manage to fit a workout in even with a busy schedule.
Go Brooke!

Re-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait Photographer

I figured it was time to circle back to my recent re-branding and continue the series.  Re-branding was a difficult decision for me, but a great experience, an experience that still hasn’t ended… and I’m still in love with it all. :) But if you missed the first two posts in my re-branding series, I’ve linked them up for you below.

Re-Branding: The Why
Re-Branding: The Process
Re-Branding: Evolution of Brand

While I struggled with the idea of re-branding my photography business, one thing that I had absolutely no struggle with was the packaging.  In all honesty, it’s the really fun part.  Shopping around for ideas, finding new vendors, working with old ones with new designs… it’s like being a kid in a candy shop.  Or a grown woman in an office supply store filled with super fun colors and stationary.  (I have an absurd obsession with ink pens, pencils and paper.)

I knew I wanted to keep the natural feel of brown kraft and twine that I had before, I just needed to give it a bit of a face-lift with the new logo and colors.  I don’t know what it is about kraft supplies, but the simplicity of it gives it a bit of a “homemade” feel that I’ve always really liked.  And with help from Kristen, my fabulous designer, everything came together quickly and beautifully.

Kristen pulled the print products together, working from the design she had created online with the website and blog.  And she also helped select the paper for them to be printed on – with the texture we had used on the site and the water-color feeling of the logo, she recommended a premium bamboo paper.  The business cards and reproduction cards turned out perfect!  Kristen was spot on!

Re-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait Photographer

With keeping the kraft look, I turned to the vendor I’d used the past couple years but opted for a disc folder this time – one side to hold the DVD and the other to hold the card and keep it all together in one place.  But during one of my [several] trips to Michaels, I stumbled upon teal twine.  (I immediately had to have it.)  And then I had my way with turning my new logo and fonts/colors into stickers.  (I may have a small obsession with stickers too.)

Then the re-branded packaging came to life.

Re-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait PhotographerRe-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait PhotographerRe-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait PhotographerRe-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait Photographer

My goal is not only to have something functional for my clients to keep their discs in, but something pretty as well.  Nothing over the top, but rather a statement of my work, the time we spent together, and a package that’s fun to open and share.  Simple in design, very colorful and very fun.

Candy included, of course. :)

Several vendors were used to create my packaging. If you’re interested in any of the pieces showcased, feel free to contact Brooke for more info.

katie - Aww, I love your packaging! The whole thing makes me happy!

Jenn - LOVE IT! How perfect for the new look :-) Nice job!

Christy Tyler - Oh my gosh – I love it!!! So you & so fun!!!

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Brooke Murphy Photography - […] read more posts in the re-branding series, click on the links below: Re-Branding: The Why Re-Branding: The Packaging To see more of Brooke’s work, visit her portfolio. Follow Brooke on Facebook or […]

Diane - Cool, just like you

Tara+Dylan+Braden {family} | Louisville Family Photographer

It had been far too long since I’ve seen Tara – actually, too long since I’ve seen her whole family.  I’ve known them all since I was about four years old. (That’s a really long time.)  I grew up in the house behind theirs, befriended Amy (Tara’s younger sister) who later became my maid of honor and I eventually began to work with Tara while I finished out college.  With their mom, we’d spent many days at the pool and Hurricane Bay together… those were the days.

The last time I remember seeing everyone together, Dylan was about three years old – now he’s almost seven.  Far too long indeed.  But meeting Braden, Tara’s youngest at two-and-one-half, and getting to see them with a woman who I’ve long looked up to?   It was rather fantastic!

I’m leading with my absolute favorite photo of the three of them together – I love everything about this, especially the people in the middle.

These guys – Braden and Dylan.  So cute but b-o-y-s right down to the definition of snips, snails and puppy dog tails!  They ran, they climbed, they jumped, they spit, they found honeysuckle, they were exactly how two brothers should be together.  And they were a little crazy but definitely f-u-n. :)

In the photo below, I pulled out my quilt.  Braden immediately laid down on it as if he were going to take a nap and then declared it was a “boys only” blanket.  What I’ve learned from two-year olds is that you can’t argue with them… but they can be swayed eventually.  That, and they love their big brothers more than anything in the world.

I had such a great time you guys, Tara!  Thank you letting me spend time with your boys – I can’t believe you’re already a momma to two little men who are so full of energy.  I can’t wait to see you all again, but next time we’ll definitely have to include the whole gang so I can get mega-hugs. xoxo

Brooke Murphy Photography is a Louisville Family Photographer and works on-location in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. To see more of Brooke’s work, visit her portfolio. You can also follow Brooke Murphy Photography on Facebook to see her latest projects, specials and sneak peeks.

Tara - Brooke…thank you so much for this! You are talented beyond belief!!! I love all of the pictures and will definitely have a hard time choosing. Your story about us is amazing as well. Love ya girl!!!

Doggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Every dog likes their fair share of playing.  Some like fetch, others squeaky toys.  Some stick with bones and chews, while others are a little tender and like only stuffed toys.

The BDD likes them all.  All of them, I say.

So much so, we don’t give her toys too often.  She tears them up and ends up trying to digest them.  “Try” being the key word.

So she has one ball that she hasn’t been able to destroy.  But we don’t give her the chance.  And a few frisbees.  But we don’t leave those unattended either.  And then a rope.  You see the pattern, right?

(Side note: Chase does have her own fluffy, squishy and squeaky toys.  Chevy does not get them.  Because she’s destroys them with an unexplained vengeance.)

Ahem.  But we brought out the rope the other night and she was down for some good old tug-of-war.  She’s rough ’em, tough ’em that I couldn’t play with her.  Mike had to step in.
Doggin Love No 5 | Louisville Lifestyle PhotographerDoggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Crazy eyes.  Mega teeth.  BDD means business.

The BDD loves it.  So much that she never wants to stop.  But look at that doggin smile.  That’s doggin love.  Hard core doggin love.  Haha!

Doggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

katie - Love how ferocious she looks when playing with her rope and how innocent and sweet she looks at the end. A true dog!

Baby Ward’s Shower {celebrating} | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Before I begin, let me say that I’m not the type to host a themed party.  I love them, love looking at photos of balls-to-the-walls weddings and showers and birthday parties.  That’s not me.  I cannot pull it off.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun trying. :)

For one whole week I did nothing but  get things ready.  I swept and vacuumed three nights.  I ran errands.  Went to the grocery store.  A couple of times.  Bought flowers and arranged them.  Even got crafty with paper, an exacto knife and bamboo skewers.  And it was so much fun!  Of course, everything else got put on the back burner.  Laundry… editing photos… blogging… you give a little, you lose a little.  But for my friend Martha, it was well worth it.

Baby Ward

So a quick back story: Martha wears a lot of teal and green.  She has teal and green in her home.  When I look at Martha, I see teal and green.  So when I found a cute little onesie invitation that was – wait for it – teal and green, it was a done deal.  From there, it just evolved.  Together, Mike and I shopped for fun onesies for our friends’ new baby.  I worked with a sorority sister to decorate some onesie-shaped sugar cookies.  I got crafty with paper and made a banner of onesies for her cake.  The rest – teal and green.

Badabing, badaboom.  And then there was a cute little baby shower.  :)

Baby WardBaby WardBaby WardBaby Ward

The onesies.  The crib onesie was really for Alan, Martha’s husband, as he built the baby’s crib.  Himself.  He’s a carpenter and made a beautiful cherry with walnut inlay crib.  It’s insane and lovely and perfect all at the same time.

The “Thing 1” onesie was to match the maternity shirt that Martha had.  I thought she would love it.  (She kind of did.)  And “Soft Kitty”… well… we all laugh at Big Bang Theory, but joke that Alan has a bit of Sheldon about him.  Mike found it and insisted.  And it happens to be my favorite. *little ball of fur*

Baby WardBaby WardBaby WardBaby Ward

Even Baby Lucy came to the shower to hang out.  Love this little girl to bits.

Baby Ward

Us girls had a great time together talking, watching gifts being opened, noshing on chicken salad and boxed funfetti cake.  I was thrilled to host Martha’s baby shower and I really did have fun getting it all together.  I had fun eating that cake too.  Actually, I want more cake now.  And I would totally share it with Martha.  She doesn’t judge – that’s why I keep her. xoxo

To see Martha and Alan’s maternity photos, click here.
To meet Baby Calvin with his family, click here.

Cookies were made by Jacqueline of Bakesmith Custom Confections.

Dawn - The results are adorable! I love it.

And where did you get the Soft Kitty onesie? Because I’m pretty sure that my kid’s going to need one, too.

rachel - Awesome photos, except for that last one – who took that one? ;)
I had a great time as I am sure everyone did. The cake was good. I think I liked the sour cream with brown sugar for the strawberries the best. totally going to steal that idea for my next party!

martha - I would love some more yummy cake! Great pics too! Brooke’s amazing with food and photography.

Mer - Great photos. An amazing onesies!!! I want the soft kitty one! Another fine job, lady.

Brooke Murphy Photography - […] baby.  What can I say, I get a little possessive when it comes to the people I love.  I even hosted “our” baby a shower a few weeks back.  (I joke!!)  (Kind […]