Part 3: Cruising Into an Oasis | My Favorites

I had a goal for our Caribbean cruise this year: photograph the shit out of it. The thing was… I didn’t.

While I took a lot of photos, with both my Canon and my phone, I just wasn’t as inspired as I thought I’d be. I really thought I was going to carry my Canon everywhere with me… but I talked myself out of it a lot. It’s a heavy camera, and a heavy lens, I’m not in love with my travel bag, and sometimes you don’t feel safe carrying around a camera of that size when you’re surrounded by water.

But while I disappointed myself with my lack of motivation, I still had my phone with me. And I pulled it out and took a photo of anything that made me pause, even for a second. I shot with intention, wanting to feel gravitation towards something… and I walked away with a lot of favorites from our trip.

I never know if Mike hates or loves that I take as many pictures as I do — I know that photography isn’t as important to him as it is to me. But by golly he cheers me on, waits patiently for me, looks for me when I silently walked away and will give feedback on anything I put in front of him. And I love him for that.

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