Pizza Waterfall

I’ve been carrying my camera around with me most days for the last week. Even if it doesn’t go to work with me, I’ll have it within an arms reach while I’m home. I challenged myself to take a photo everyday this week to help me with my “photographer’s choice” prompt for the #2017project52. I got some that I like, but having my camera on Friday night was the best idea ever.

We usually grab dinner with friends on Friday and met up with the Mohns for pizza that night. (Impellizzeri’s, you never disappoint.) The kids were all over their dad as he had been traveling for work that week, which lent itself to some cuteness. And some big laughs for the adults at the table.

I actually did end up choosing my #2017project52 image from this particular night — I plan to share my favorite on Wednesday when I regularly post. But in the mean time… enjoy the “pizza waterfall.”

alvarez - Great! Beautiful mastery of lights! What to say about looks! I love your treatments that make your work recognizable.
Thierry A