My heart has been so full the last few days.  With happiness and excitement.  Celebrating expecting mothers, newborn babies and friendship…

But my heart has also been pulled down, full of sympathy for strangers and acquaintances alike.  With worry of families that are missing each other… families everywhere, because tragedy strikes anywhere at any time.

I know I needed a reminder today.  I thought you guys might too.

 illustration by Katie Daisy

Christy - Beautiful. And yes.

katie - I think we could all use this today. So beautiful.

Susan - Just what I needed to see today! Big hugs and love to you, Brooke. :)

Courtney - I love this. Sometimes I feel like I am so wrapped up in being a mom and trying to get this crazy business to work down here in Miami that I am totally out of the news loop. But because of Facebook I heard of the tragedies in OK and my heart hurts. It was a mixture of relief that it happened somewhere other than home (guilty feelings immediately followed) and then I was heartbroken for those that were lost or missing, and then I felt fear. Natural disasters are everywhere and it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad, believe in a higher being or don’t, nothing stops it from happening where you live. And hurricane season starts in a matter of days. All I can do is remember the ones I love and those that love me and pray God has his plan all worked out. In the meantime I am constantly thinking of and praying for those in OK.