Shooting From the Hip | Documentary Photography

I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep my creative juices flowing, but it’s been getting more difficult. Without a workshop to encourage me or events to look forward to, and with daylight shrinking (I am so sad about this! Every year!), it can be hard to stay inspired. And while my Project 52 keeps my wheels turning, even lately it’s felt like the weekly themes are just… blah.

So I decided to try something new.

I’d heard of “shooting from the hip” a few years ago when a group of local photographers got together for a photo walk and all tried this approach. Shooting from the hip is a technique which is most often used for street photography, with the camera resting low on your hip. It creates a different point of view and allows the viewer to react differently than if shot from eye-level. And since as the photographer you aren’t able to square things up in camera or over think the scene, the end result is you photograph things you may have not seen from your own perspective.

I thought it was interesting, but never tried until recently. And I have to admit I like it.

Not all images are winners. And I do end up adjusting my images so they aren’t completely sideways. But the I like the final images and the overall approach of it. Definitely going to be trying this more – especially after it rains because I just love how the sidewalk is reflective in some of the images below.