Showers Are My Jam | Celebrations

I had two showers marked on my calendar in July: one for a baby [who I cannot wait to meet] and the other for a bride [who is the most kindest person I know]. I had a great time at both of them because I love the people we were celebrating and the good things to come, but all that were hostesses did such a great job pulling together themes for these celebrations! So much so that I wanted to share some photos and brag about them a little bit. ;)

A completely pink-themed, girly decor, “It’s A Girl!” baby shower for my dear friend, AmyHasBangs. Nicole and Molly hosted the party and, as expected, they did not disappoint any of the guests. We had the best time just hanging out and snacking and laughing and telling “mommy horror stories.” (Or as most people refer to it “labor and delivery stories.”) But Nicole’s house looked adorable and I had fun taking pictures of all of the details they considered.


When it comes to food, it’s like Molly speaks directly to my heart. And then brings it to life. No joke, that woman can pull together a kickass menu or a plate of snacks that will make you beg for more. I mean, there was popcorn shipped in from Minnesota! (Or Wisconsin. I can’t remember. But I ate the hell out of it.) Little sandwiches. Two kinds of pasta salad. And there were even mini skewers of caprese salad. (Stahp it already.) And have I mentioned trays of bite sized desserts.

TRAYS OF PUT YOUR FACE IN IT. Don’t worry, I washed it down with champagne.


Is this real life? YES IT IS.

Six days later I was driving my mom and myself to another shower, this time of the bridal variety. My long-time friend Kelly, who I sometimes call my Little Skipper, is getting married to a wonderful man. And her bridesmaids, both being friends from high school, decided we needed to celebrate with cake. Who am I to say no to cake?

Kelly’s become more and more of a country girl in the past couple years, buying some acreage outside of town and making her “little house on the prairie” her own. And a love for sunflowers has blossomed. (She told us that her honey actually planted sunflowers in the back field of their property and I can’t wait to see them pop up and become a sea of yellow.) But this love became the theme for her bridal shower.

It’s like a truck load of happy landed in a country club dining room – and I love it as well.


The table settings were probably my favorite. Well, no, lunch was probably my favorite (I can recommend both the chicken salad and club sandwich). Uh, what am I talking about, the people there were my favorite. Actually, no the cake was probably my favorite. White and chocolate marbled with, do I detect a butter cream icing in the color of happy? I believe I do!

Yeah, the cake was probably my favorite. (Sorry Kelly, I love you to the moon and back… just like I do that cake.)

It was a great afternoon though. Being able to celebrate with friends I’ve known for 20+ years now (yikes!) and our moms just makes for a special time together. And I finally learned why I’m so competitive with shower games: my mom. I couldn’t even keep up with her, the woman was on a mission to find as many rings as she could! (Shower games can bring out the bitter in all of us.) But yes, a lovely time with lovely people and the loveliest cake. I swear I didn’t eat more than two pieces.