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It had been far too long since I’ve seen Tara – actually, too long since I’ve seen her whole family.  I’ve known them all since I was about four years old. (That’s a really long time.)  I grew up in the house behind theirs, befriended Amy (Tara’s younger sister) who later became my maid of honor and I eventually began to work with Tara while I finished out college.  With their mom, we’d spent many days at the pool and Hurricane Bay together… those were the days.

The last time I remember seeing everyone together, Dylan was about three years old – now he’s almost seven.  Far too long indeed.  But meeting Braden, Tara’s youngest at two-and-one-half, and getting to see them with a woman who I’ve long looked up to?   It was rather fantastic!

I’m leading with my absolute favorite photo of the three of them together – I love everything about this, especially the people in the middle.

These guys – Braden and Dylan.  So cute but b-o-y-s right down to the definition of snips, snails and puppy dog tails!  They ran, they climbed, they jumped, they spit, they found honeysuckle, they were exactly how two brothers should be together.  And they were a little crazy but definitely f-u-n. :)

In the photo below, I pulled out my quilt.  Braden immediately laid down on it as if he were going to take a nap and then declared it was a “boys only” blanket.  What I’ve learned from two-year olds is that you can’t argue with them… but they can be swayed eventually.  That, and they love their big brothers more than anything in the world.

I had such a great time you guys, Tara!  Thank you letting me spend time with your boys – I can’t believe you’re already a momma to two little men who are so full of energy.  I can’t wait to see you all again, but next time we’ll definitely have to include the whole gang so I can get mega-hugs. xoxo

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Tara - Brooke…thank you so much for this! You are talented beyond belief!!! I love all of the pictures and will definitely have a hard time choosing. Your story about us is amazing as well. Love ya girl!!!