The Bauers {family} | Louisville Family Photographer

I work with Andrew.  We’re on the same team.  And the definition of “team” is very loose for us as we don’t do the same work.  At all.  It’s kind of like Andrew’s the quarterback and I’m the kicker – we wear the same jerseys and play the same field, but we have two completely different tasks that rarely cross paths.  But needless of that description, he’s an excellent teammate to have.  I freak out, Andrew remains calm.  And he’s able to keep a straight face while he tells you the most absurd story ever.  It’s great.

Occasionally, Andrew shows up at the office with his son, Luke, before their drive to daycare.  These are the best mornings.  Only because the ladies congregate around Luke and comment on how sharp of a dresser he is (all Ashley, I’m sure) while Andrew checks his email and pretends not to hear any of it.  Anyway, the idea of getting to spend more time with Luke made me feel like the luckiest gal at the office.

I met Andrew and Ashley for their session on a chilly March morning.  The weather was actually supposed to be nice that afternoon, but the sun hadn’t shown yet, everything was damp and there was a fog that grew thicker as I approached our meeting spot.  Visibility was seriously no more than 20 feet.  Clear visibility with a camera?  Closer to 6-8 feet.  Our session was going to be “cozy.”  But they came prepared and light-hearted – Andrew even joked that on the drive over they were talking about doing battle scene poses using the fog as a prop.  Instead, we opted for more traditional family poses.

I know.  Lame.

But we were able to capture some fabulous photos of their family.  And Luke, like most one-year-olds, lost interest fast, but he was a champ.  Mom and dad were champs too, as they kept warm hugs and catchy songs and funny faces in their back pockets.  I had an ear-worm myself… and I might have sung Rob Base to them… yeah… but I’ve been telling myself that my little rendition of It Takes Two was awesome.  But enough about my mad singing skills – meet the Bauers.

One of my favorites.  All squeezed tight. :)

Andrew’s song about clapping your hands is all the rage.  It was *too cute* to see Luke playing with his dad.

Matching eyelashes.

Gah.  And would you believe Luke was not happy with me at this moment?  That’s why I keep on shooting, people.

The only thing I would have changed about that day was the weather – if it had been just a tad warmer and not as damp, I think Luke would have enjoyed himself a little more.  But even though he had to take some breaks, he did a great job, was such a big little guy.  Now who else wants to join the Luke Bauer Fan Club, with me?