The July Fly By | Instagram Love


I was just asking Mike if he thought July went faster or slower than other months this summer. He didn’t have any hard feelings on the topic, but I’m stuck. Because on one hand it feels like eons ago that we hosted our Independence Day party… but on the other, it feels like it’s taken forever to get to August. Looking back at the photos for this Instagram Love only proves how much was packed into our month.

A whole love of events and friends and love packed in the last 31 days. Being with our tribe and a kitchen island overflowing with homemade food at the beginning of the month. Catching drinks with the in-laws in Norton Commons. Reuniting with former co-workers and hearing stories of adventures past. Watching our little friend Calvin blow out his three birthday candles. A baby shower with my Dish Sisters and endless laughs. Shopping with my mom. A 2-day conference where I volunteered and walked my butt off. A bridal shower to celebrate the upcoming “I dos” of my Little Skipper and her honey, Phil. Stopping by a neighbor’s house for a late night beer and conversation. And wrapping up with a Thirty-One gathering with all the new pretty bags at Erin‘s house. (Because you can never have too many bags.)


I usually prefer to stay at home, on my couch, near the fridge on the weekends. But this July was different. And while I do feel a bit more sluggish than usual (I can probably thank all the party food I’ve shoveled into my face), I feel blessed. You should never stop making friends, especially girlfriends – and this is something I’ve been practicing for years now. It feels amazing to be included by so many different groups, but it’s also amazing to admire each person for who they are and who they’re becoming.

The month of July may have gone quickly, but I do believe I took the time to stop and smell the roses. xoxo