The Oldham County Fair

The county fair has been a tradition of ours since we moved to Oldham County. We meet up with friends from college, their kiddos in tow, and enjoy what it all has to offer. The rides. The fried food. The petty zoos. The cotton candy. The kettle corn. And usually end the night with some kind of vehicular competition.

With the kids getting taller, rides are more fun — some are more brave than others… some act tough at first and then melt when realization sets in… but it’s still fun. ;) We had a smaller group this year (why people take summer vacations is beyond me), but we still enjoyed spending time together. I think only one of us had ever attended a tractor pull before, so that was new. (Nothing out-does the series of events that unfolded prior to the demolition derby in 2015… that day will live down in infamy. You can read more about that here.)

I had my camera in hopes of catching some fun shots of the kids, the group and all the colors a fair has to offer. I wasn’t even close to take the number of images I took last year (I was in full documentary approach workshop mode and was determined to have a perfect photo essay to share with my classmates) and I do believe my 50mm lens limited me a bit, but I did walk away with some favorites this year.

Note to self: the 35mm is your favorite. Don’t change it up thinking it’ll be a good idea. Just take the 35mm.

But these people are my tribe. This county fair is my jam. And these photos make me smile.

Oldham County Fair