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Almost three years ago, my friend Melanie broke my heart.  At a Derby Party (of all events sacred in this world).  Anyway, Melanie broke the news that she and her husband, Ryan, also a long-time, dear friend of mine, would be moving to Michigan that summer.  I cried.  I didn’t mean to.  The same way I’m not meaning to right now.  But Michigan was just so far away.  And I didn’t like the thought of being that far away from them.

Before they left, they announced they were expecting their first baby.  Mel and Ryan came home often; I loved seeing one of my closest friends experience her first pregnancy and was happy to take maternity photos from them.  My very first session with posing.  And there have been several more since of their family.  They eventually left Michigan for Tennessee – being much closer to home, it made me smile.  Visiting them in Clarksville was on my to do list this year, but the weeks flew by, schedules didn’t work… and then I didn’t have to plan the trip any more.

Because they came home. :)

It’s only been a couple weeks and they’re still in a whirl-wind of getting settled in.  And to top it off, Melanie and Ryan are expecting baby #2.  Knowing that my Mel is living in the same state as me, that I’ll get more face time with her, more hugs, that I’ll be able to visit and play with Allie, that I’ll be to see her with Baby Sadie once she arrives and hold her often… well, it does more than make me smile.  It actually brings me to tears all over again.  And “happiness through tears is my favorite emotion.”

I can’t get over how big Allie’s gotten.  And she’s such a beautiful little girl.  You should hear her laugh – she has the best laugh.

At 36 weeks, Melanie is absolutely radiant.  I cannot get enough of that bump either.  I think over the course of two days, I had my hand on her belly 80% of the time.  Not really.  But if I could have gotten away with it… I might have tried harder.

Allie!  I love ya, little lady!

And to match the previous shoe series we’ve captured for Melanie and Ryan…

And with a brand new pair of knitted bunny slippers to boot.  Big thanks to Martha – Melanie was surprised to receive them that morning!

There’s some kind of peace that comes over you knowing that someone you love isn’t as far away.  With Melanie, Ryan and Allie being back home in Louisville, I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.  You guys were missed by many and I can’t wait to photograph your family more often, especially as the girls grow up together.  xoxo

To meet Baby Sadie with her family, click here.

katie - What an absolutely adorable family. And Allie is gorgeous! The shot of her in the striped dress- love it. Congrats to the family!