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Year-end reviews are always  great for bloggers – to reflect back on what you enjoyed most about the year and what your followers enjoyed most that you shared.  I not only love the photography that I share, but I really like to see how things shake out on the backend as well.  It’s my analytical side – and I actually do it as my day job – but it’s interesting to see where traffic comes from, how things blow up one day, what’s revisited over and over again and so on.  This may make me nerdy, but I really look forward to diving into the nitty-gritty traffic metrics!

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So while I use my blog to mostly share the images that I take of families, couples and newborns, I also like to share some of myself.  Last year I made an unwritten New Year recommendation to enjoy the people I’m around me fully and leave the camera behind.  I took it to heart, especially when I broadened my lens inventory to include some superb, but heavy and pricey lenses.  It was easier to walk out of the house without a camera because I hated deciding what to bring (because bringing it all is silly).

Because of this, I didn’t have too many unplanned personal posts on the blog (sans Doggin Love, because those happened when they happened!).  I’m kind of mad at myself for it, but at the same time I still had a fabulous time with family and friends.  So reviewing the most visited personal blogs posts of the past year was somewhat trite, but also provided insight that I need to pick the camera up more.  But here we go – the Top 5 personal blogs of 2013.

#1 – Re-Branding: The Why


Deciding to change the name and branding of my photography business was not an easy one.  I knew how much work would go into to it, that it had to be done right, because otherwise it would have been done for nothing.  I figured when I debuted Brooke Murphy Photography that the best thing to do would be to share what went into it, starting with “why.”  And for so many people out there that want to start a business of their own, even if it’s only part-time, it’s sometimes nice to learn the processes that others take to get it off the ground.  Which is why it’s probably the most viewed personal post of 2013.

#2 – Filling My Bucket | Project Life in Color

Filling My Bucket | Project Life In Color

In the middle of the year, I came together with a group of female photographers and started a blog circle.  Our theme was “Project Life in Color” and I decided early on I wanted my monthly submissions to focus on finding positivity.  It was a mission of mine as I’d been drowning myself in negative thoughts… and I think it worked.  I searched for a few books, looked for inspiration around me in nature and relationships.  But the first one was a self-help book – and it started me off on the right foot.  But it wasn’t the only Project Life in Color to make the Top 5 List.

#3 – Validating | Project Life in Color

Validating | Project Life in Color

Positivity was my focus – and these ladies are one of my sources that I turn to often.  A fantastic group of women, most of which I used to work with (and I miss on a regular basis).  But we’ve grown much closer over the years and have grown to really support one another – or as we often refer to it now, “validating the shit out of each other.”  These ladies make me happy.  Really, really happy.  I’m glad to have them.

#4 – Re-Branding: The Process

Brooke Murphy Photography Brand

The fourth most visited personal blog of the year was more about re-branding, but this time it was the process.  Along with the name change, I wanted a fresh new look too.  And the designer I worked with, Kristen Elaine out of Birmingham, was absolutely fantastic to work with!  She made the process easy and completely enjoyable – she took the things I loved and made a brand new website from them.  She’s the reason the blog looks this way.  I’m a big fan. ;)

#5 – Re-Branding: The Packaging

Re-Branding: The Packaging | Louisville Portrait Photographer

The Top 5 List is rounded out with a blog post about the packaging I pulled together for the new brand.  I’ve always like seeing how other photographers present their final product, so it made sense to share mine as well.  While the idea of re-branding was a little hard to overcome and begin, choosing new packaging was a walk in the park!

BONUS: Camera Purses!


I don’t actively post on any more, but the blog still gets hits everyday all thanks to a few posts about stylish camera bags for women.  Or camera purses as I like to call them.  All in all, 2013 had over 20,000 pageviews about camera bags alone.  Not bad for a few posts that were written a couple of years back.  These days I keep up with camera purses on Pinterest – so if you’re shopping for a great camera purse, check it out!

And that’s all she wrote – the Top 5 most visited personal posts on the blog last year.  I have one more post I’d like share about last year though – so check back on Friday to see my favorite images from 2013!

Brooke Murphy Photography is a Louisville Portrait Photographer and works on-location in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. To see more of Brooke’s work, visit her portfolio. You can also follow Brooke Murphy Photography on Facebook to see her latest projects, specials and sneak peeks.

Brooke Murphy Photography - […] To see the other year-end reviews: Top 5 Personal Blogs of 2013 […]

Brooke Murphy Photography - […] To see the other year-end reviews: Top 5 Photo Session Blogs of 2013 Top 5 Personal Blogs of 2013 […]