Week 10: On The Side | 2017 Project 52

It’s really hard to get the photos of my doggins together. They don’t like being super close. Well… Chase doesn’t like being super close to Chevy. But if cookies are involved, you never know how they’re going to act. They basically forget everything they except for the handful of tricks that sparingly pop into their heads while the treat is present. Chase will sit, rollover, crawl, turnaround, bark… Chevy will continually paw at you like the dumb beast she is.

But I had this idea to capture two really fun pictures of the dogs and then stitch them together. I have actually tried in the past with quasi-success, but I wanted to try it again but with a spin. Each dog be partially out of frame, or “on the side.” So I grabbed a bag of pretzels and had puppies trotting after me to my favorite blank wall in my bedroom. And they were idiots.

Settings: f/3.5, 1/100 sec, 35mm, ISO 12.8K
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

Most days Chevy, my BDD, is more willing to play along with me. On this day I think she forgot where her brain was. But Chase… she surprised me. I mean, she was still an idiot and kept trying to snatch pretzels when I wasn’t looking, but her inability to stay still worked for what I wanted.

Chevy’s did not. Therefore no stitching. I swear that dog was a personal challenge hand-selected by God.

But I dig the photo I picked. The DOF is a bit more narrow than what I’d like, but I was working with almost no daylight and my ISO at 12,800. (Yikes!)  I had to play with my settings in Lightroom more than I normally would; the contrast was very strong and I had to back it off quite a lot. But that doggin is on the side. And all that wonderful negative space on the left makes it even better.

Week 11: From Above
due 03.15.17

One of my favorite challenges when I was learning photography was “One Subject, Five Photos.” The challenge basically forced you to look at your subject differently so that your five photos would all be different. So this week we’re putting that idea into play and changing our perspectives to shoot from above.

I’m really interested to see what type of photos we see in the Flickr group. Whether we’re looking straight down or include more of the scenery. If there will be any tilt-shift photography shared (which I love to try to do Photoshop). Or if some of our foodies in the group will be sharing a table scape featuring some deliciousness.

Really consider your subject — will shooting from above change the way the viewer thinks about it? Whatever you decide to try, push yourself to change your angle and see if it tells a different story. Experiment with how you see the world through your viewfinder and share your favorite photo from the week.

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2017project52 so that we can find your work and give it some love!
Have questions about 2017 Project 52? You can find more about it here or in the Flickr group description. Please join us!