Week 13: Photographer’s Choice | 2017 Project 52

I gave myself a challenge to take a photo everyday this week. My hope was to have enough photos to choose from that picking my favorite would kind of hard for this week’s photographer’s choice prompt. So I carried my camera with me most days, and when I didn’t I still managed to capture an image at some point during the day. But picking my favorite was not hard. Nope… not at all.

Earlier this week I told you about our pizza-night-out and shared some of the pictures I took while we were at the restaurant. The kids couldn’t get enough of their dad, there were “pizza waterfalls” happening all around us, babies were under the table… it was a fun night. But I’m really glad I took my camera.

I know my friends can feel awkward in front of the camera… “where do I look – OK, I’ll just look over here”… but I really do like photographing their kids. The instructor of a workshop I took referred to kids as “low hanging fruit,” and they really are. They’re cute and they do funny things. But I also like working my friends in the frame and sharing these photos with them. Sharing is caring, y’all.


Settings: f/4.0, 1/80 sec, 35mm, ISO 1250
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

You saw the other photos in my series, but this one of Claire was my favorite. For a number of reasons.

The sun had started setting (and landing in our eyes), but Claire just stuffed herself further down in the booth. Once I saw how she was sitting, I knew I wanted to photograph her because she was being a normal five-year-old. I bent myself over a bit to bring my lens down to her level, tried a couple different things and knew I got a good shot — if all the others I took that night were crap, I had one fantastic shot.

Starting with the light: It wasn’t blazing on her face, but was still strong directional light. Next, the composition: My subject is centered and fully focused (even at 1/80 sec) and framed, the cups and napkin balance the image, the lines in the table-cloth lead your eye to the subject and there’s strong layering to help build the scene. And the scene: It’s undeniable that we are in an American pizza joint with the checkered table-cloth, there’s cheesy carbs on the plate and greasy fingers. Add in the fact that Claire is making a serious #nomnomnom face just makes me really, really happy.

I’m proud of this photo and think that my documentary approach workshop is finally paying off because I’m beginning to see things unfold before I take the picture. And I know this isn’t my baby, but I can’t stop staring at that face noshing on pizza.

Week 14: Push or Pull
due 04.05.17

Time for a prompt that makes us think beforehand and is open to endless interpretations!

We are surrounded by friction, forces and motions everyday — and any kind of force is really just a push or a pull. Consider the multiple definitions of both verbs and see if one sounds more interesting than another. What type of scene appears in your mind? Would you be able to find or recreate it, and photograph it in a way that tells the story clearly?

PUSH: to press upon or against (a thing) with force in order to move it away; to move (something) in a specified way by exerting force; to press or urge to some action or course; to carry (an action or thing) toward a conclusion or extreme; to make one’s way with effort or persistence, as against difficulty or opposition.

PULL: to draw or haul toward oneself or itself, in a particular direction, or into a particular position; to draw or tug at with force; to rend or tear; to draw or pluck away from a place of growth, attachment, etc; to perform successfully (often followed by off); to inhale through a pipe, cigarette, etc; to have effectiveness.

Write down your ideas — no idea is too big or too small. Ask friends or family to help you our or explore the prompt with you. See if you can impress yourself.

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2017project52 so that we can find your work and give it some love!
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