Week 14: Push or Pull | 2017 Project 52

Push or pull was one of those themes that I was like “Yeah! It’s going to be awesome when it comes up because I have ZERO ideas and it will make me think and just be awesome!”

Instead I hated myself all week for coming up with ZERO ideas. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Mike had some ideas. And he was so good to me for being my model. I love him for it. But I didn’t love the pictures.

Who am I kidding — I’m not in love with this picture either.

Settings: f/4.0, 1/200 sec, 35mm, ISO 8000
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I sacrificed myself and my dignity and got in front of the camera after a kickass day at work (to clarify, I kicked its ass). I set up the tripod… and tried really hard to use another lens, but I keep coming back to my 35mm — I rarely take it off my camera these days. I found my inner infomercial persona, grabbed a t-shirt and got to work with the remote.

I pushed and pulled my way through that shirt for 15 minutes. And for the sake of being honest, this is one out of a series of 34. I thought it was the most interesting with my arm trying to push through the crumpled sleeve and my eyes  in its direction. My big, big eyes with big, big bags under them… woof.

Some weeks you just move forward. This week I’m moving forward.

Week 15: Yellow
due 04.12.17

Who’s up for a color challenge!? We haven’t had one since Week 6, so let’s keep our eyes out for the color yellow.

Just like with the last color challenge, you can display the color yellow anyway you like in your image. As the dominant color or an isolated pop. A richer hue or something soft and pastel. It is your color to do with as you wish!

Bonus Challenge: I’ve recently learned more about advancing colors, where warm colors such as yellow come forward in an image. In other words, it’s easier to get warm colors to pop and standout in an image versus cooler colors; they appear nearer to the eye. Find a bold yellow subject, one that you can bring front and center, and photograph it in a way that the color helps tell its story.

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2017project52 so that we can find your work and give it some love!
Have questions about 2017 Project 52? You can find more about it here or in the Flickr group description. Please join us!