Week 15: Yellow | 2017 Project 52

Boy, do I love color challenges! I couldn’t tell you how ladies I saw in yellow blouses and dresses walking back from lunch this past Monday — they were everywhere! But that’s the fun part of a color challenge, letting your eye find it in everything around you.

I struggled at the beginning of Week 15 because the weather got cold again (Back down to 30º and wind chills? No thank you.), so I didn’t really feel like exploring outside. Besides, yellow is so much easier to find when it’s bright and sunny out because it’s a bright and sunny color. But I found some inspiration at home Sunday night when I was cooking dinner with Mike. And then I found more on Monday at lunch because Katie had lemons in her water. And then again when I got home because I finally spotted some yellow flowers in the field across the street.

yellow flower

Settings: f/4.0, 1/250 sec, 35mm, ISO 250
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I settled on the dandelion photo.

While I told myself, “You’ve done this before… please pick the kitchen picture… woman, it is a weed, not a flower!” I was still drawn to it. And one of the things I’m trying to practice more often is listening to heart when it comes to my photography. So I chose it as my yellow for the week.

Why do I like it? Well, we’ve established I like #fromwhereIstand photos because of the personal perspective no one else will ever have. But it’s a true representation of spring. Dandelions are popping every where. And the temps warmed up to a breezy and blissful 81º, so I wore a dress and sandals to work. Yes. Spring is here. And I heart this damn dandelion.

Week 16: Unexpected
due 04.19.17

Since I was little, my dad has always said “Expect the unexpected.” And while preparing yourself, mentally and physically, for challenges that you may or may not face can teach you to look at different perspectives and adaptable. The same goes for photography: expecting the unexpected can make you a stronger photographer.

Carrying your camera with you, even if it makes you feel out of place, can present a number of opportunities. Knowing the what lens works best for you and the settings you’ll need on your camera so that you can pull it up and snap a photo will save you seconds. Moving yourself around your subject and finding the “right place” can help you tell a stronger story. Being patient and waiting for the right moment can make the difference between something ordinary or a money shot.

This week I challenge you to carry your camera with you often and look for scenes that seem like they could lead something interesting. If you’re a parent, try to catch your kid when they’re not looking and doing something funny. If you’d like to try street photography, pay attention to the people you see and if anything grabs your attention. Photograph your family, your friends, your pets… something in nature that caught you off guard! Just keep your eyes open and stay open-minded.

For some inspiration, I’ve included a few links below:
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