Week 17: Earth Day | 2018 Project 52

What to do, what to do… before it gets dark, what is calling to me…

There’s been a lot of rain and… yes, rain.

Earth Day

Settings: auto –  f/1.7, 1/13 sec, 4.75mm, ISO 200
Camera and Lens: Samsung Galaxy s8

As much as the rain brings me down and I hate getting wet… I think that’s it’s one of the most amazing things about this place. How some areas experience draught, others have floods… and even places like Hawaii, on a single island that spans 100 miles, one side is wet and the other is dry.

But with water comes life. Spring is my favorite season – I love to see the old brown stuff turn green again, flowers budding, the weather becoming tolerable again… just like the outside, it brings me to a place of “back to normal.”

I chose this image because of the water droplets. Our nandinas are one of my favorite plants we have, with their green,  yellow and fiery red leaves… but the drops stood out more with the black and white, with more contrast, stripping away the color and reminding us that rain is good.

Week 18: Fill the Frame
due 05.02.18

Let’s dip back into some composition practice. Only this week, instead of worrying about how many subjects or where it’s placed in the frame, we’re focusing on FILLING THE FRAME with the subject.

It can get weird fast, but really consider about your subject and how your proximity can make an impact to fill the space of your viewfinder.

Does it feel forced? Does being this up close tell the story you want to tell? Do you need to move around or find different light? Is there another subject that makes sense for this prompt?

Don’t get frustrated, but I encourage you to experiment this week. Photograph people, animals, flowers, the details… just shoot as much as you can, fill the frame whenever possible and then go back through and choose your favorite photo of the week.

Need a little inspiration? I found some resources for us:
Composition in Photography: Filling the Frame
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Composition: Fill the Frame

Last week’s photo: Shoot From Your Boots #2018P52

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