Week 19: Zoom Blur | 2018 Project 52

Guys. I planned. I played. I had so much fun with my camera this week!

I chalk it up to the fact that I took a few days off work last week for Derby festivities and had some time to reset myself. I even left the office on Monday to try out a different setting, but I ended up going with my original idea.

zoom blurSettings: f/–, — sec, –mm, ISO 100
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

My subject is BORING. But I really like how the zoom blur turned out and that was our technique this week. So I went with the photo that best showed the technique even if it isn’t cool.

I have a very shaky grip on my camera. Most of images were SUPER blurry because I couldn’t hold the camera steady with my right hand while I moved the zoom lens with my left… but in this image it worked out. I think looking down helped me hold my elbows closer to my body. But I like how the colors from the flowers and the white from the quilt move together like a streaky cloud.

Zoom blur isn’t my favorite technique – but if you can master intentional camera movement, you can make some really awesome art.

Week 20: Connection
due 05.16.18

A relationship. An action that links us together. A placing of items. An arrangement. An opportunity. A connection, an association, can happen between people, things (visible and invisible), and/or ideas, in a number of infinite ways.

What do you think of when you hear the word “connection?” Do you think of hands holding or wires plugged into walls? Let’s explore this theme this week and write down some connections that come to mind and then experiment photographing them. No idea is a bad idea, but how can you approach your subject and photograph it to tell a story or meaning, to encourage the viewer to see something different?

Don’t care how you photograph the theme, but definitely dig into your ideas. Get close, get macro, step back, change your POV, drop you DOF, use a new technique… don’t just snap a photo this week, but show us how your mind works.

Last week’s photo: Fill the Frame #2018P52

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