Week 23: Leading Lines | 2018 Project 52

I phoned it in, guys. I waited to the very last-minute, like 8p last night to even TRY to take my picture.

The good news is I have a leading line. The bad news is it’s lazy. But more good news is it includes a cuddly furry sweetie pie.

leading lines

Settings: f/4.0, 1/250 sec, 35mm, ISO 320
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

If you follow me on Instagram, you maybe have seen a cat floating around in my feed. Our neighbors moved a few weeks ago and asked if we’d be interested in taking their male cat, who is outdoors full-time, and we accepted – we like the idea of having an outside cat since our house backs up to some woods. Ever since we’ve been here we haven’t had a mouse or mole and I think we’ve had the neighbor’s cats (and possibly the pair of grey horned owls who are nearby) to thank for it. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of Cornflake with my phone (his name… I KNOW!), but none with my Canon…

I set up my camera in the driveway with my remote and photographed our “love session” from a distance. He is an absolute SWEETHEART. I haven’t had much experience with cats, but he purrs constantly, wants to rub on you and be rubbed, and loves a little belly action too.

This was my favorite for our prompt; the line of the drive cuts right up to us, and my foot and leg carry it on. And then it’s just me and Cornflake. Him doing his thing. And me wondering why in the world he likes me so much.

But I had some extras too…

This first one is me trying to figure out why my remote wasn’t working properly – and we both have an amazing RBF. But the rest… this is how our lovies usually go down… and he’s such a sweet little animal. (And if Mike wasn’t allergic, this cat would totally be in inside the house.)


Week 24: Intersecting Lines
due 06.13.18

Sticking with our “lines” and composition theme this month, this week we’re on the hunt for converging, or intersecting lines.

We know how to take a viewer through our photographs with leading lines, but let’s show them where to stop with intersecting lines. With this composition, use your lines to frame your subject without it being fully surrounded. Where the vertical meets the horizontal (or vise versa), corners that are man-made or nature’s way to making you stop. Or maybe it’s an abstract approach, using lines that are random but create interest or feeling.

Whatever you’re into, keep your eyes peeled for where lines cross, paths meet, from above or across, out in the neighborhood or created in your bedroom. Experiment and see if anything new catches your breath. I dare you.

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Last week’s photo: Smoke Art Photography #2018P52

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Wendi Pants - So much love for the Cornflake. Cant wait to see more of him in your shots.