Week 28: Local | 2018 Project 52

The holiday had me bouncing around a bit, but I knew what – and where – I wanted to take my picture this week.

Just leave it to me, to forget my lunch and my camera this week. Luckily I have this phone…

localSettings: auto –  f/1.7, 1/60 sec, 4.25mm, ISO 80
Camera and Lens: Samsung Galaxy s8

One of my favorite areas in Louisville is NULU. A stretch of local eats and boutiques and few bars down Market Street near downtown. I’ve been down this street hundreds of times. I’ve eaten at the restaurants – well, some of them. I’ve shopped on the stores – well, kind of. But I’ve seen all the window displays – meh, not really. Story short? There’s always something new to explore. Even if the shops and restaurants stay the same, the things the offer and the people who visit are ever-changing.

This was my choice this week. I love the all the dinosaur planters, the bright colors, the “handmade local awesome” sign, the dog peaking around the corner… it’s weird and it’s fabulous and it’s 100% local Louisville. But I also like the reflection in the window, the hint of something new. Ghyslain, a local French patisserie, closed not too long and even though I hadn’t been in years, I suddenly miss it so much more. I can still taste their sweet, sweet chocolate croissants and gruyere paninis… *drool*

Not a special picture. But it shows a bit of home, our personality… how homey and quirky we are and even how much we are changing. Louisville’s been my home for years and it will stay that – it’s my little piece of paradise.

Week 29: Kinetic Photography
due 07.18.18

Speaking of weird, are you all ready to try something completely odd?

We’re back to experimental techniques, this week we are tossing our cameras – not away, but into the air. Yikes.

Kinetic photography is influenced by the motions made with your camera – similar to intentional camera movement (ICM), but different as in your camera is tossed into the air with an open shutter and creating something wild and interesting. Or… trying to at least. So if you don’t have use a camera strap, I suggest you use one this week. Or if you’re too afraid to explore this technique, improvise how you see fit: you can use your phone camera, use an older camera, create a soft landing area, barely let go… what ever feels comfortable to you.

This is new to me so I’ve linked some resources below for us to look into, and some examples are include too. Have fun, find some lights to shoot with at night or step outside with the sun is fading, let that long shutter stay open and share your favorite for the week!

Kinetic Photography: Techniques and Stunning Examples
Beautiful Examples of Kinetic Photography
25 Great Examples of the Camera Toss
Kinetic Photography (Flicker)

Last Week’s photo: Sunburst #2018P52

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wendipants - Love, love, love this. I’m especially intrigued about how your reflection in the shop window just melts away.