Week 3: Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) | 2018 Project 52

Intentional camera movement is a photography effect that any level of photographer can experiment with. You might not know what your settings should be or how your subject will photograph, but the results can be pretty cool. I had a few ideas this week to try out. I pulled my colorful straws out again, made some interesting shapes with paper… but I totally stayed indoors. I had plans to go outside but it is toooooo cooooold. And with snow actually on the ground, I wimped out. But luckily I had more inspiration thanks to the husband staying busy inside with me.

intentional camera movement

Settings: f/10, 1.3 sec, 46mm, ISO 100
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

That, my friends, is sorted piles of puzzle pieces. I tried varying shutter speeds, different movements, and two images made me stop in my tracks. One was darker, bolder, not as whimsical. And this one.. softer, movement more evident, more ethereal. The colors blend into each other in such a way that I have to look at each part of the image separately, and then step back again to see it together.

I know this image or this type of photography isn’t for everyone, but I really love trying new things… and you really can’t fail with intentional camera movement. It’s about both the process and the finished product, which is a double with for photographers.

Week 4: Intentions
due 01.24.18

With a New Year comes resolutions… but I’m not one for resolutions. I make a list of recommendations for myself. But whatever you call them, they are all intentions. An act or instance in determining mentally upon some action or result.

With a few weeks behind us now, share with us some intentions you hope for this year, have already started on or maybe have already given up. What’s the best way to photograph this intention? Should you find your way in front of the camera again, or maybe show us your point of view. Or maybe try a still life. Anything works this week, but find a way to get creative when showing us your goals for the year.

Last week’s photo: Circle #2018P52

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