Week 30: Framing | 2018 Project 52

Inspiration flew in… inspo flew out.

The number of ideas I had for “framing” this week were… not many, but I still was so much of a bum I didn’t even try. I should have carried my camera everyday. I should have had a coworker step out with me for a walk. I should have stopped to talk to those two nice men who were smoking. Anything! But I didn’t.

Sometimes I wonder why I get myself into these pickles.


Settings: f/5.0, 1/1600 sec, 35mm, ISO 250
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

This was my backup photo. Because nothing I tried at home last night was any better. But it fits the prompt.

I actually walked through parking garages a few times this week with my camera because my idea was to frame the subjects with light… I just should have been a lot closer to this doorway, but when I saw the dude walking I paused and framed it up… snapped a couple… then went on my way. And luck would have it was the only passerby I encountered. (Which is why I should have grabbed a coworker!)

There’s always next week… which is a new month. Where has this year gone already?

Week 31: Summer
due 08.01.18

With August finally upon us, let’s photograph summer this week! We’ve capture winter and spring already, so let’s roll through to the third season of the year (in the northern hemisphere) and think about what summer means to us.

Approach this theme in any way you like. You choose your environment, your subject, your story – just make sure you show what summer is like for you! Take your camera to the pool or on a canoe trip. Catch lightning bugs with the littles. Is there something you love to cook during these months? Or would you rather stay inside where the air conditioning is?

Whatever inspires you, choose your favorite photo and post it to the Flickr group next week!

Last Week’s photo: Kinetic Photography #2018P52

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2018P52 so that we can find your work and share some hearts!
Have questions about 2018 Project 52? You can find more about it here or in the 2018P52 Flickr group description. Join us any time with any camera!