Week 34: Large | 2018 Project 52

I’m late posting my blog – I had a late night last night and just didn’t have it in me to cull, edit and write. But I did click over to the 2018P52 Flickr Group this morning to let them know what the new prompt was… and I’m just now sharing my own image.

I held out this week. I had plans to go the state fair and knew there’d be something large and obnoxious and I was right. But I didn’t go for the more humorous photo – this one held my attention longer.

large state fair

Settings: auto –  f/1.7, 1/16K sec, 4.25mm, ISO 50
Camera and Lens: Samsung Galaxy s8

I love spending a full day at the Kentucky State Fair with my girlfriends. We do it every year. And we typically skip the midway… but this year we were on the hunt for a toy snake so the littles would stop fighting, so I found myself surrounded by bad games, bad prizes, and rides that I have no desire to get on. But photograph? YES.

There weren’t many people on the rides because it was senior day – as in senior citizens get in for free – but the swing had a couple of people aboard. I waited for their legs to come around a few times until I got a frame I was happy with. What I love even more about this is that the sky is ominous. We were expecting rain later in the day and they hung around with dark sky behind them. But there was still enough light in the clouds to help with a silhouette.

It’s like our weekly themes are uniting or something.

Week 35: Small
due 08.29.18

We’re flipping it this week and shooting SMALL! With so much focus on large subjects in the past week, let’s think about ways to find small subjects.

Again, really consider how you can shoot your subject and change your perspective; shoot from above, below, the side… or go for macro if that’s your thing. Practice a tilt-shift and make something look small even though it isn’t. Are you able to incorporate surroundings or other subjects to provide scale? Think big when you’re focusing on the small… get funky and explore!

Last Week’s photo: BNW #2018P52

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