Week 37: Centered | 2017 Project 52

I had another week of struggle. Work is kicking my butt. My brain has three modes right now: working brain, non-working brain and sleeping brain. Cooking is hard. Picking out clothes in the morning is hard. Blow drying my hair is hard. Leaving the house in a matching pair of shoes is hard… I spend all my brain cells between 730a and 530p most days, so my creativity has gone right out the window.

The good news is my project should be done in 17 days. (Should being the key word.) The bad news is I didn’t even try to take this week’s “centered” until Tuesday night. I started in the car, sitting in the surface lot getting ready to head home. I did some others, but I settled with the first frame.

Settings: f/4.0, 1/1000 sec, 35mm, ISO 1600
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III withCanon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I haven’t taken a self-portrait in a while and when the going gets tough, self-portraits have been a way to document how I feel. I’m not smiling, I have no energy, my hair is a mess, my face is broken out, my mood could improve, I’m ready to be at home in my pajamas and not here… but this is me right now. Center of the image, staring right at the camera, tired as hell.

Like I said, not every week is a win. But Week 37 is down – only 15 more weeks left in 2017!

Week 38: Orange
due 09.20.17

We’re stepping away from mind-bending themes this week and are back with a color challenge: the hunt is on for orange!

You can showcase the color orange anyway you like. It can be the dominant color or isolated. A deep hue, a soft tone, something bright and outrageous. You can use contrast to make it pop more — look at a color wheel for inspiration or even nature. But anything goes this week!

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2017project52 so that we can find your work and give it some love!
Have questions about 2017 Project 52? You can find more about it here or in the Flickr group description. Please join us!