Week 44: Eye Contact | 2018 Project 52

Plan of attack: Take my camera to work and ask the first pair of beautiful eyes if they mind modeling for me.

Mission: Accomplished.

eye contact

Settings: f/3.5, 1/800 sec, 50mm, ISO 400
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF50mm f/1.2L USM

My friend Amy from work hasn’t ever told me no. And I love her for this. Immensely.

We strolled outside of the office around 3p and Amy suggested heading to the new convention center. SO MANY PRETTY PLACES. SO MUCH PRETTY LIGHT. GAH. We chose a few spots, did a few poses and then walked back to the office. Maybe away for 15 minutes. But I think we got some goodies in such a short time period.

But here’s what’s funny – our first few shots Amy didn’t smile. She looked mad. No happy thoughts. So when we moved on she started to smile. And when I took the frame above and saw the small smirk – which is how Amy almost always looks, with a wisp of a grin on her face – I was bummed that I underexposed it. Ugh. But even in LR later, I liked it and just turned that exposure all the way up, blowing out the background but HOT DAMN I LOVE IT MOST. This is the Amy I know. Wisp and all.

Week 45: Fall/Autumn
due 11.07.18

On the top side of the world, the leaves are finally starting to change color. So many people love this time of year – that cooler temps return, the trees are beautiful and warm, and we’re heading into some of the best holidays of the year. Show us your fall/autumn wherever you are!

Approach this theme in any way you like – anything goes except you have to show what fall is like for you! Go for a walk in the woods, find beauty in things that are fading away, or try photographing a friendly vampire since Halloween is coming up. ;) Think about what the season change means to you and write down your ideas.

Whatever inspires you, choose your favorite photo and post it to the Flickr group next week!

Last week’s photo: Minimalist #2018P52

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2018P52 so that we can find your work and share some hearts!

We’re in the home stretch of 2018 Project 52 with only 8 weeks left to go! Plans for #2019P52 are underway but will stick only to Flickr. There will be some changes, but I think they’re for the better. Check out our 2018P52 Flickr group description to learn more about 2019’s project!