Week 46: Purple | 2017 Project 52

Purple came to me this week in a way I didn’t expect.

Friday afternoon around 430p, the street started to get really loud. Our office building is in 4th Street Live, but concerts are not supposed to start soundchecks until 5p. And they usually start at 5p on the dot, booming bass that shakes the windows of our 100-year-old plus building.

But on Friday the booms came early. In the form of a drum brigade in place of a band. Because there was a pep rally for the Louisville City FC.


Settings: f/4.0, 1/640 sec, 35mm, ISO 1600
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I don’t really follow soccer. Actually, I’ve only been to one soccer in my life. It was fun, there was beer. But the Louisville City team came to our city in 2015 and has taken it BY STORM. I know soooo many people who are avid fans. I know a guy that dresses up as Count con Count for every home game. The games are always sold out. It’s serious business being a soccer fan. And the pep rally was for, I believe at least, the USL Cup Final that was coming up. What I do know is that they won 1-0.

As for my picture… I had a lot to choose to from, most of which was documentary. But this one was my favorite. The drum brigade is on the stage, flags are waving, everyone is wearing purple and gold… I like to think that all this rallying helped them when the game on Monday night.

Week 47: Lost in the Details
due 11.22.17

We are in fact getting lost in the details this week. Instead of thinking about stepping back or setting up a scene, pay attention to the little things around you this week. What types of things catch your eyes? Is it colorful? Is the light? Is it just weird and interesting?

Really consider your composition this week. When you step in and focus on your details, can you frame it in a different way that tells a better story? Think about adding layers, or changing the light, or even moving yourself. I have some links below to provide some inspiration for as we wind down… only five more weeks left for us in 2017!

The Art of the Detail Shot
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Photographing Details

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