Week 47: Unity | 2018 Project 52

Time has been hard to find lately. And with no light after 5pm (I hate daylight savings. HATE.) it’s been hard trying to think of ideas that fit the prompt. I didn’t realize how closely “a good match” and “unity” were… but my head was still in the same space as last week. I took to making my subject this week, which isn’t anything new for me. I had an idea… not sure if it would work… it did… but it’s so cliche.

Sometimes you just need to embrace the cliche.


Settings: f/5.6, 1/320 sec, 50mm, ISO 1250
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF50mm f/1.2L USM

So this idea actually came from watching a few minutes of The Grinch on Saturday night. The cartoon, of course. All the little Whos came together down in Whoville, held hands and sang their song, as one. And I wanted to recreate that. With a twist.

Paper doll chains aren’t anything new, so I moved around my light source, changed my perspective and the shadows just plays into the theme even more. I mean, holding hands, making hearts, totes on point. With the POV changed up and the crop, it becomes more abstract. (Which I’ve been digging a lot more lately.)

No slacking next week, but luckily not having light is going to help me out.

Week 48: Rim Lighting
due 11.28.18

Rim lighting is a technique that has a spectacular effect and once you recognize it, it’s hard to miss. I was taught this technique in a workshop and one of the homework assignments was to pay attention to lighting in magazines and movies – I can still remember watching Jurassic Park and realizing how much the light – and rim lighting – added to the storyline.

Consider your subject this week. No matter what you choose, the viewer should understand what the small amount of light is escaping around. Don’t shy from trying abstract photography though.  Just try some different things, get in front of the camera yourself, grab different objects and try something weird.

This week we’re practicing it for ourselves. You don’t need an off-camera flash, but it does help – you can also work with lights that you have the house, the setting sun or even with directional light. Below are some resources to help us out – I can’t wait to see what you all share next week!

A Simple Way to Create Powerful Images with a Single Flash
Rim Light Photography Tutorial
30 Beautiful Photographs of Rim Lighting

Last Week’s photo: A Good Match #2018P52

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We’re in the home stretch of 2018 Project 52 with only 5 weeks left to go! Plans for #2019P52 are underway but will stick only to Flickr. There will be some changes, but I think they’re for the better. Check out our 2018P52 Flickr group description to learn more about 2019’s project!