Week 51: Future Tense | 2017 Project 52

What a week, y’all.

I was a social butterfly from last Wednesday to Sunday. And now I’m sick. Sore throat, a little cough, and hella tired. But as of last night I still didn’t have my photo. Boo.

I started think about what I wanted to accomplish next year. I feel like 2017 has been a good year of learning more about myself, finding time to focus on me, exploring photography a bit more… but I still lack a bit of confidence with my work. I remind myself to “shoot from the heart” and let my eye be drawn to things that find me curious, not always pretty… but I still struggle with the idea of making “art.”

And I can totally hear my friend Katie bitching at me, “Brooke, that was your goal for last year! To believe in yourself!” But I still struggled. So I thought last night about what would be something weird to just try? Is there anything in this dark house that is inspiring? Can I make some effing art?!

future tense

Settings: f/9.0, 3.2 sec, 35mm, ISO 100
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

Abstract. Intentional camera movement. In focus and out of focus. Soft curved lines. Sharp points. Balance. Almost like barbed wire.

I know it’s weird. And I didn’t expect to do anything so weird for this week – I really wanted to try to get a picture of some kind of yoga because I’ve really been loving it and plan to continue it into the new year. I was not feeling up to it though… I have felt physically and mentally exhausted for two days. But maybe unexpected is what I needed this week… to push me into our final week of the project… to keep me charged for what’s coming with #2018P52… to make myself proud by the fact that I can create something from nothing in a dark house.

Week 52: Photographer’s Choice
due 12.27.17

Only one more week left! This year has flown by and I have loved being able to share this project with people from all over. We started strong with over a 100 members on Flickr and we saw some folks lose interest, but those who have hung around and shared their work… I’m truly honored by your presence. Your images have been beautiful, inspiring and I always look forward to Wednesdays. That said, we have one more photo to share.

At the end of every quarter we’ve shared an image that was our favorite of the week, the photographer’s choice — we’re ending this quarter and the year the same way. Try something you’ve been wanting to do all year, revisit a prompt that maybe you’d like to redo, but choose your absolute favorite photo in the #2017project52 Flickr Group. Only one image, the best one from your choices, and nothing from the archives.

After that, we’re done for 2017! But I do hope to see you in the New Year when you join us for our new Project 52, #2018P52 — the Flickr Group is set up and ready to go, weekly prompts will start next Wednesday and we’ll be trying all new things to keep our minds sharp, our eyes searching and our hearts full.