Week 52: Photographer’s Choice | 2018 Project 52

I had a lot of quality time this past week. With my parents, in-laws, friends, neighbors… and I took zero pictures. Or rather, barely any. I was in the moment, enjoying all of the smiles and laughing, all of the conversations that were unfolding, all of the hugs that came my way. We’ve surrounded ourselves with amazing people and I never want to forget that – even if I do occasionally have to apologize for being an ass. (Brooke… you’re a turd.) But I decided what my photo was going to be after all of this oozing lovey-dovey stuff that’s been floating around the last week.


Settings: f/4.0, 1/200 sec, 35mm, ISO 800
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I know that a few weeks ago I shared a snap from my Instagram and this isn’t too far from that… but the all the feels, man. I put up my board every year to hand up the holiday cards that come through the post. And I bring out some of my favorites from years past that always make me smile. But I love this board.

To see friends with their kids and those kids getting older. And families getting bigger. And there’s always a bit of humor and creativeness. This year’s board has been pretty awesome as we’ve added at least one card every day, rearranging them so that they fit perfectly into each other. I know that I’m a wiener for saying I love to receive holiday cards but don’t send them myself… but maybe I’ll have to change that next year.

And with that, 2018 P52 is done!

If you’ve participated in or only followed along, thank you for being a part of this year’s Project 52. It’s a different challenge to everyone that shares, but always fun. Thank you for sticking with us and be sure to find us for #2019P52! We have a new 2019 Flickr group already set up and accepting members – we kick off with our first round of prompts later this week.

Next year’s going to be a little different; we have four hosts (instead of only one), we’re sharing our images on/by Fridays and I’m going to step back from sharing them on my blog. I need some breathing room and taking away the stress of having to have a post ready every week is how I’m going to do that. But definitely find us Flickr, follow us on our Instagram hashtag #2019P52, and please join us for all the fun!

Last Week’s photo: Reflection #2018P52