Week 7: Mirror Reflection | 2018 Project 52

When I think of “mirror reflection” I immediately imagine a beautiful building, or mountain, reflecting perfectly in still water. Every time I see these types of images, I stare longer. Because the likelihood of me ever capturing one is like… super slim.

I had to get creative this week. I knew I’d end up working inside instead of exploring. And I knew that I’d have a lack of time and daylight – even with the days getting a little longer, I’ve been putting in more hours at work. More hours means when I have time at home… I do nothing. Double-edged sword. But all that thinking really hard and putting in the time wears me out both mentally and physically. Luckily I kind of had an idea of what to try at home.

mirror reflection

Settings: f/2.8, 1/200 sec, 70mm, ISO 10K
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

Inspired by curves picture from #2017project52, I created subject from card stock and then threw a large mirror I had on top of our guest bed. I tested different light, but the natural light from the window was my favorite… even if I was at 10K ISO. And the lower aperture softened the curves and knocked out the background more. A simple way to achieve a mirror reflection.

I really do like the movement and the bright orange – it reminds me of macro photos of flowers or seeds. And how the reflection is a bit a fuzzy… I actually like it. What I don’t like is the background with that line across the back – I couldn’t figure out how to knock it out more and I am not that good at editing, so it remains and bugs me. Oh well.

Week 8: Grain
due 02.21.18

Let’s embrace the grain this week!

Grain, those little textured dots that you sometimes see in images, was much more common with film photography. Film speed, combined with available light, would determine how much grain you’d see in your photos. With digital photography, this began to disappear. We now use ISO to help us control the light coming into our cameras; the higher the ISO, the more noise (or grain) we see in our final images. But cameras have gotten so good at diminishing noise, we actually see people adding it back in post-production.

So let’s explore grain, noise, whatever you want to call. Boost your ISO, shoot in lower light, or add it back in post-production, but think about how having grain present in your photo can help tell your story. I think my favorite message I found this week was the reminder that “imperfection is beauty” in an article from Erik Kim. So find something inspiring and beautiful around you and see if grain changes the way you look at it.

Last week’s photo: Layering #2018P52

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