Week 8: Grain | 2018 Project 52

I’m back on the struggle bus this week. All of my brain power is going to project management and I have none left over to get creative with this project. It makes me sad… but my job has been so rewarding the last few weeks. Gah. But I took advantage of the low light of February the best way I knew how to: I got in front of the camera.

Not at all what I wanted for this week. But this is what I walked away with. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you deal with what you’ve got.


Settings: f/13.0, 1/20 sec, 35mm, ISO 10K
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

I tried a few things. I knew I needed low light so I increased my aperture, bumped the ISO and closed the curtains. I did some poses looking at the camera… but good golly was I feeling fowl and the serious look on my face could make a ghost boo hoo. I was not pleased with those, I so decided to slow down the shutter speed and see if a little movement would wake up the frame a bit.

My hair and sweater kind of blend in together, but I do like the movement of my hair, how my face is hidden. And I definitely added more grain in post processing because even at 10K ISO, it wasn’t what I thought it should be.

So… this week isn’t a fave. But I came in at the last-minute and made my own deadline. I hope next week I can get out into the fresh air and feel like a stranger in my home town.

Week 9: Wanderlust
due 02.28.18

#Wanderlust has become a popular hashtag on Instagram the last few years. But the definition of wanderlust is the desire to travel. Even if many of us don’t travel (or are home-bodies), there’s something about the idea of getting away to some place magical. A place that fills us with peace or makes us breathe it in. To either be surrounded by people or alone on a mountaintop. And #wanderlust is all about stepping into that scene you picture.

While most of us are not traveling this week, I challenge you to go out into the world and photograph things with a new eye. Whatever you’re experiencing, is there a way to make it first person, or entice the viewer in a way that makes them want to jump in the frame with you? Go outside, take a photowalk, visit somewhere you’ve never been, keep your viewfinder to your eye… get weird and shoot with your heart.

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Last week’s photo: Mirror Reflection #2018P52

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