Week 9: Wanderlust | 2018 Project 52

We’ve had a crap ton of rain here in Kentucky the last month. So much so that a lot of Louisville is underwater – my drive to and from work has doubled because of all the detours everyone has to take and even some neighboring counties have closed school because getting out of neighborhoods has been bad. It’s been a doozie, that’s for a sure. And the Ohio River is only getting higher everyday.

The part of this is that the waterfalls behind out house are flowing.

I took a nature walk the other day when the rain decided to stop. Everything else was sopping mess, but I armed myself in rain boots and my camera and headed out. The waterfalls were gorgeous and the sound of water is the best. I explored the area for about 30 minutes and experimented with shutter speed before I headed back home. And crossed my fingers that something turned out to be good enough.


Settings: f/4.0, 1/400 sec, 35mm, ISO 250
Camera and Lens: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon EF35mm f/1.4L USM

All I wanted was a photo that invited the viewer in. One that I would look at say to myself “I want to be there” or “this makes me want to explore.” So it’s no surprise that I chose the widest shot I had of one of the waterfalls.

Things I like about this picture: The layering with the mossy rock. Being able to look upstream. To see all the “rapid” water heading my way. That I really do want to step inside the image.

Things I don’t like about this picture: The fact that I couldn’t position myself better without possibly harming myself. Those damn twigs that are out of focus so effing annoying.

But I did like being out in the woods by myself. One of these days I’m going to wade in and get a fabulous photo of this little waterfall from the water… but it was too deep and moving a bit too fast for me to feel comfortable doing that. And it was cold. But I did get some other photos from my little adventure that might create wanderlust for others.

I really love photographing moss. The texture, the way light hits it… I’m obsessed.

This leafy photo is my favorite from the day. So simple and too detailed for the prompt.

Week 10: Two Subjects
due 03.07.18

This week we’re kicking off a series of composition challenges that revolve around numbers – and we’re starting with “two subjects.” Most of our images have one subject that we’re focused on, but this week we’re going to incorporate TWO subjects, both of which as essential parts of the story you’re telling with your photo. The subjects can go together or be juxtaposition, but together create a stronger image and anecdote for the viewer.

I have a few articles below to help us explore the idea of two subjects, this one by Eric Kim is my favorite. Kim shows us why multiple subjects can be interesting in photography and he also teaches us that balance is really important for more than subject. Even if you don’t read the article, look a the pictures. Stop and think “What makes this interesting? Is there more than one story here?” before scrolling down to see how Kim dissects the image. Let’s see if we can step out of comfort zone and get creative… if not, let’s just find a way to work two subjects into one frame.

Street Photography Composition: Multiple Subjects
Photography Composition: Creating Visual Tension with Two Subjects (YouTube)
10 Tips on How to Create Juxtaposition in Your Photography
28 Examples of Juxtaposition in Photography

Last week’s photo: Grain #2018P52

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