Whatever the Weather | Impromptu Shoot

A couple of weeks back I had an a-ha moment when thinking about that weekly prompt of “whatever the weather” for Project 52. All I needed was someone to be model…

Enter David. He’s one of my teammates that is not only is great to work with, but happens to have the habit I was looking for. And he agreed without hesitation.

To say I was happy is an understatement — I was super pumped! It’s not too often I’m able to get faces in front of my camera these days, so the fact that he was up to the challenge of helping me photograph my weekly photo really made my day.


The photo above is the photo I chose for the challenge. I really like how it’s an anonymous portrait, the focus is on the cigarette in his hand and there’s that swirl of smoke rising from it. It’s one of my favorites from this year’s Project 52 for sure. But we actually took some more photos – I was trying to figure out my approach, angle, focus, etcetera and this one came a little later. But the photos we got along the way?

They’re moodier than I expected, but I think that lends well to the idea of focusing on the habit of smoking. This is just a regular alley behind our office building, a place smokers usually gather to spend time together or alone. David is a very cheerful guy and fun to be around, but he definitely brought along some smooth operator – this is a more serious side to a man who usually wears a smile at the office.


I really do appreciate David taking 15 minutes of his time (and two of cigarettes) to help me on a personal project. It goes to show you how nice of a guy he is — he’s clever, funny and apparently a very savvy dancer. We can add model to that list now because I had fun photographing someone new – don’t be surprised if see him again in the future. ;)