When The Going Gets Tough…

It’s been pretty quiet around here and for good reason. While I haven’t had a lot on my dance card the last two weeks, the last two months have caught up with me… and the blog has been silent because of it.

I was asked to join a pilot cohort at work for a Six Sigma class. A great opportunity, so I accepted and began to panic after we received the syllabus and the first week approached in September. But then I was able to settle into a groove; class every Monday for three hours, supplemental reading assignments and group meetings to work toward a project presentation.

I’m happy to report I survived all 10 weeks of this class. And my team was super, pulling together the last two weeks to fully define our scope and offer a recommendation for improving a process. Our class projects were real-life problems at work, not just case studies, and there were pros and cons to that… but I’m quite proud of presentation we created. I’m also quite elated that it’s over.

I literally felt the weight lift off my shoulders while we presented. That’s how much I carried this around with me.

In addition to that and other stress at work, I’ve been dealing with some health stuff. My stomach has been giving me issues since last fall, but in August it started acting different. Before you worry, I’ve been to the doctor, have some answers and am looking to solve the problem very soon. I don’t want to focus on it too much because it makes me a Nervous Nelly, but what it boils down to is:

My butt has been kicked.

No matter how much I sleep or what I put into my body, I am always tired. I leave the office most days, struggle on the drive home and just fall face first into the sofa. There have been days when I have energy and can focus on some photography or editing or blogging… but most of the time I just want pajamas and to not have to think. Even reading books have been hard. I’ve hated making decisions, making plans, being social… and that’s difficult to deal with because I love my tribe and spending time with them is the best. But it wears me out fast. And food doesn’t excite me as most of the things I love upsets my stomach – which is disheartening since most of my social time is focused around food.

I share this only to say: Bear with me. I will get over this hump of exhaustion. And I have big plans for this blog in 2017, so I will have to do it very soon. But don’t give up on me — this is temporary and I’ll be back to feeling like myself in no time. Pinky promise.


PS – That wonky BDD ear above just makes me smile. Those damn useless ears at least bring joy. ♥

Rachel - Girl, I know you will come out the other side just fine. I’ve seen you twice in the past month and despite everything that weighs on you, you remain your awesome self. Love you and hope it all gets better soon!

Aim - Love you! You are a wonderful and strong person, you will get over this hump I promise :-)