About Brooke


Hi – my name is Brooke. I’m a natural-light photographer and blogger. After photographing families professionally for a few years, I decided to dial it back and begin shooting for myself again — and I look forward to experimenting and challenging myself with this new change.

This blog remains to be a platform where I share my photos, my discoveries, my life, and myself… a little slice of the interwebs to call my own. The content has slightly changed, but the intentions are the same.

But if you don’t already know me…

I’m a Louisville gal that married a handsome fella I met in college named Mike Murphy. We have two doggins, Chevy and Chase. Chase is smart, Chevy is simple… and completely deaf. I often call her my BDD: Big Deaf Dog. She’s sweet…. but special.

I love my home city, Louisville, Kentucky, more and more every year. While the city itself is fantastic, the people who live here are more than fantastic – and everyone knows everyone in some capacity.

I’m addicted to desserts (there have been affairs with cupcakes), I love knitting and gifting my creations, I’ve been known to break out into song and dance just because, watching marathons of Firefly is the best idea ever, and I have a connection to photography and music I can’t really explain.

I appreciate you visiting my blog, and I hope that you visit again soon — and feel free to leave a comment any time. And if you’re looking for a photography project, join us at 2018 Project 52! ♥

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Thank you Courtney Jones Photography for providing my headshot.
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